Friday, September 09, 2005

La Trama

Thanks to the friendly folks at zbb and google, I recently put together this translation of Borges's story La Trama.

The original story is available here.

The translation:
The Plot

To his complete horror, Caesar, harassed at the foot of the statue by the daggers of his impatient friends, discovers among the blades and faces, that of Brutus, his protégé, perhaps his son, and no longer defends himself, exclaiming, ``You too, my son!'' Shakespeare and Quevedo record the pathetic shout.

Destiny is pleased by repetitions, variations, symmetries; nineteen centuries later, in the south of the province of Buenos Aires, a gaucho is attacked by other gauchos; whilst falling, he recognizes a godson of his, and says with vague recollection and mild surprise (these words must be heard, not read): ``Pero, che!*'' They kill him, and he does not realise that he dies so that a scene may be repeated.


* ¡Pero, che! -> 'What the..? Hey!'

Still not sure what to make of it.



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